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about us.

DentspaceIZI provides a worldwide dental services that help patients to find professional dentists in their city or globally.

Our dentists are experts, and they can achieve  excellent treatments in a short time. we connect patients with a wide dental society where they find their request easily.

one of our services is dental tourism, so we help highly rated dentists around the world to be reachable locally and universally.

 patients choose the destination and the language to find many options.Also, to facilitate the life of our dentists, we link them to the best dental companies around the world . In addition we provide dental courses to keep dentists updated to the recent advances procedures.


Our focus.

We understand your requirements and provide quality service.

we focus on our dentists' needs. DentspaceIZI helps them to achieve their goals ...

treatments seekers

patients can choose the city,the language, and the specialty they need, then they can reach out to dentists with high level of proficiency..

dental careers

Proudly, we announce dental job opportunities regularly and globally.
DentspaceIZI connects dentists with the best dental companies around the world.....

Advanced Dental Courses
(coming soon)

Continuing medical education is a priority for our dentists. Advanced multi specialty courses are found on our platform a regularly.....

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Our vision

To create a space where oral health providers and seekers are linked in one platform.


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DentSpaceIZI in detail

You can customize DentSpaceIZI however you wish!

Helping Patients

To find dentists with high level of proficiency.


Job Seekers

Find job opportunities in dental offices, dental companies, and dental Institutes. 


Dental Suppliers

Will be able to reach their potential customers through this comunity.


Institutes and Professional Dentists

Can deploy their advanced courses here, which manipulate the deep specializes of dental field.

Pricing Table.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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  • We take care of your needs
  • confidentiality and proficiency
  • Can search excellent dentist anywhere
  • A review is enabled to share
  • get your destination by using google maps


Per Month

  • Dentist can be reached globally
  • find excellent materials with best price through our community
  • we offer advanced courses as well
Dental Suppliers


Per Month

  • Dental companies can list their materials on DentSpaceIZI
  • sharing review is available


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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We understand your requirement....share your thoughts.

Facts & Tips: Dentures

Author Stephen Loat — Dentures are used to replace lost or missing teeth. Quite often you find that people who have lost all their teeth also lose a lot of confidence on their appearance and smile, not to mention how difficult it is to process food without any teeth. Dentures can bring back a lovely smile and the confidence that comes with it. Whether its full dentures or partial ones

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Provides a worldwide dental guidance.

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